I support my clients in many different ways, using virtual Zoom Meetings or in person sessions where appropriate.
Take a look at some of my packages below and if you are unsure what would be the best choice for you,
Sign up for a Complimentary Strategy Session so that I can help guide you to your decision!


Content Mapping Intensive Strategy Session + Support

Block out 3 hours of your day to spend with me, 1:1 and together we'll strategically map out your magnetic content for the next 90 days so that you will have a unique, custom visibility plan so you can stand out above the rest in the eyes of your prospective clients.

You'll walk away with:

  • Clear Content Plan of what to post on Social Media and what to say in your weekly emails
  • A list of Brainstormed Blog Posts, Social Media Posts and Emails that you can use for the next 90-days and beyond
  • clear profile of who you are talking to and how to your tailor your message to where they are in their journey
  • Your Unique Visibility Plan of when and where you are going to show up for your prospective client
  • And 2 weeks fully supported for further feedback after your session

All specifically tailored to YOU and your unique business 

Profitably Visible

- Marketing Strategy & 6 Month Coaching Program

The Mentorship program is perfect for anyone who isn’t getting the traction they need with their current marketing efforts or those who are just starting out on a new entrepreneurial path.

It is a combination of three very important aspects:  

  1. Consulting on the most aligned strategy for you and your current business goals.

  2. Training around the systems, tools and platforms that you will need to effectively market your business.

  3. Coaching, support and accountability for those times when you need direction and guidance on the next step or when that little voice inside your head is creating self-doubt and fear.

Together we will create a personalized, strategic marketing plan for your business.

We will start wherever you are at.

Need to explore different ideas? We can do that.

Have an existing plan that’s not working properly ? We can fix that!   

We focus on both offline and online marketing strategy where appropriate and we can pace the implementation of this plan based on your needs.

And whilst having a plan is key, having someone by your side as you implement is super important. You will have me to support you on a day-to-day basis, inside your business, to guide you through issues that will arise and the mindset and confidence stuff that pops up from time to time.