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Hi! I'm Ingrid. I'm here to help you get clear on your big business goals, your company vision and to help you create your aligned, marketing plan so you can show up and show off your best work, become more profitable and make a bigger impact.

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Ingrid was instrumental in helping guide me through the startup process of my new business venture.  I needed a lot of guidance.  She was available to coach, mentor, encourage and advice.  She was always there to answer questions about technology and marketing through social media or anything else that came up. She kept me on track and held me accountable.

Through this process, I not only started my own photography business, which was a dream, but also learned a great deal about myself.  I have gained confidence in my abilities as a photographer, but also in my life as a whole.  I learned a lot of concrete tools to use to move forward in my business.  However, I value just as much the intangible things I gained, such as the confidence in setting goals and steps to accomplish them.

Linda Wesley

Photographer - Lind Ruth's Workshop

II was feeling a bit stuck in growing my business so I reached out to Ingrid for some help and guidance.  Ingrid is lovely, down to earth and easy to speak to.  She really gave me the confidence I needed to keep growing and building my community.  She was very generous with her time and offered me some great ideas about how I can grow my business and achieve my goals.  Please don't hesitate to book a session with Ingrid, you will be so glad you did.

Andrea Howard

Health Coach - Healthy Hormones over 40

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