Week 29 – Bright – Effectively using color in images

This week’s prompt was “Bright” – another easy one right? Well, that depends – it’s not easy to convey a bright subject in an image.  Correct exposure is key and somethings the Auto Exposure features of our cameras can get it wrong.

Bright by Debbie Butler

Bright by Debbie Butler


Image Stats:

Shutter Speed: 1/250

Aperture: f/13

ISO: 200

If you would like to hear my critique of Debbie’s shot please click on the video below.


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Happy Snapping!

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Anna - August 8, 2014

I don’t have a camera. As a lover of photography loved reading few of your writings

gianlabadeca - September 4, 2014

Thank you !

Portland Wedding Photographers - September 10, 2014

Amazing article to read for beginners… This will surely help! How I wish that there’s something like this when I was just starting… 🙂

Jay Long - September 10, 2014

I love week 29’s challenge of “bright.” It has made me somewhat more aware of my surroundings as I look for contrasting, brilliant color schemes. Very thought provoking.

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