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Experimenting with a Backwards lens

The theme for Week 1 “Revitalize” of the #Take52 challenge was decided a few weeks back when me and my hubby sat down over a an Irish coffee and some very dark looking beer in a wee bar down by the sea.  We knocked out the entire list of weekly photo themes that I intend using for this year’s challenge and input them all into a spreadsheet which I promptly forget about until each Monday morning when that week’s theme is announced.

I started this weekly photo challenge back in 2012 and intended it as a way to improve my photography each week.  It became something much, much bigger than me.  I found an amazing group of people online who wait anxiously each week to hear the theme and support and help out other budding photographers, giving them feedback on their work and advice on photography.  Sometimes in this online world, supportive communities which are open to the beginner are few and far between. EVERYONE’s a photographer these days….

Take 52 Weekly Photo Challenge

Anyways, as the months progressed I actually stopped submitting my images to the group and some weeks didn’t manage to shot any at all.  I didn’t mind though – it seemed less and less the point.  The Challenge wasn’t about me anymore and that was ok. That was AWESOME! I am constantly amazed by the wonderful points of view people from all over the world take from my prompts.  So many times I hear that life and my themes just seem to coincide to result in the most amazing photos.  And as you know, these themes were decided last December in a little bar by the sea…makes you wonder about the bigger plan that’s in store for us and how we are all connected….

So for Week 1 of #Take 52 Challenge 2014 (at least) I’m sharing my image:


Take 52 Weekly Photo Challenge

Bubbles Shot Backwards

Shutter Speed: 1/250

Aperture: Not Applicable as there was no lens mounted to the camera


Edited in Adobe Lightroom

Inspired by this article by on shooting through the wrong side of my 50mm f/1.8 and turning it into a Macro mode I found my interest in shooting for this challenged Revitalized. My subject was a glass of Perrier water which was also meant to revitalize me after a very successful dinner party the previous night…

I love that this image is out of focus and abstract and if I hadn’t told you how I’d done it you’d never guess! The article recommends an adapter for this technique but I just held the lens up to the camera body in reverse.  Very LOW TECH! And there you have it – always learning eh?

If you’d like to join the #Take52 Weekly Photo you can jump in anytime.  It’s a great way to improve your photography and join a wonderful group of likeminded individuals to boot!

You can sign up here for the Challenge

Happy Snapping

Ingrid Owens CameraShy