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Get Creatively unStuck

Photograph Magazine

Image from PHOTOGRAPH Magazine

There comes a time for every photographer when you know the basics, you’re familiar with your camera and you are ready to move to the next step. When this happens you can sometimes get stuck. Stuck not knowing where to go next with your photography. 

Have you reached this point where you need another approach to pursue your visual creative process?

Have you thought about what your usual creative process is? –  Is it intentional or intuitive?

Do you know where your photography aspirations  are leading you?

Have you though which path would you like to take -Portrait or Food Photography, Landscape or Photojournalism?

Or do you just need to get unstuck?


Image from PHOTOGRAPH Magazine

PHOTOGRAPH is a digital quarterly magazine for Creative Photographers from the folks over at Craft and Vision and it will allow you to experience different paths in the magical world of photography. In this issue (number 3), you will be given access to the portfolios of renowned photographers; the likes of Henki Coentjoro and his black and white photography , Dave Delnea’s works from Tunisia and the stunning food photography of commercial photographer Kevin Clark. Also featured in the issue are articles from David Duchemin, John Paul Caponigro, Martin Bailey, Chris Orwig, Younes Bounhar, Jay Goodrich, Piet Van Den Eynde, Nicole S. Young and Al Smith.  This introduction to these amazing artists is sure to inspire even the most stuck and creatively challenged photographer.

When you flip through the beautiful pages filled with amazing images  you will also learn each photographer’s visual sense, style and their influences unfolded in the question and answer section.  You will see that they didn’t start out amazingly creating the images that you see now. Each have their own story to tell but they all have one thing in common- to always bring the camera with them wherever they go.


Image from PHOTOGRAPH Magazine

PHOTOGRAPH will help you reflect on your own visual creative process experience. The featured photographers’ beautiful works will let you see the world from a different perspective. It will inspire and will motivate you to go out and shoot on your own terms and hopefully bring you closer to creating your own style of  photography.

Go out and shoot! See the world in different colors and angles! Capture priceless moments. And most importantly DON’T forget to grab a copy of this issue for only $8. Remember that even though you may have your own creative vision we all need inspiration from others and a subscription to the ad free PHOTOGRAPH will take care of this for you every 3 months.

Right now you can get a one year subscription to PHOTOGRAPH for only $24, saving you $8 and guaranteeing inspiration for the year ahead.

Studying these expert photographers is truly a wonderful way to bring your photography to the next level. don’t miss out!