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Showing up on live video when you’d rather stay hidden

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Did you start your online business because you get to stay home in your jammies all day? That may or may not be one of the reasons why I was attracted to the world of online marketing. Being an introvert, it suits me very well to stay hidden behind my laptop all day only spending a few hours a day working with clients on a 1:1 basis.

But if you would like to grow your online business, and have a desire to serve more people, at some point you have to step out from behind the computer screen and get visible.

It's simple

It's not easy.

But it is so worthwhile.

When you're visible, prospective clients get to know you, like you and trust you and people do business with people so the K L T factor is super important. And creating consistent Live Video will make this happen really quickly.

So how do we make it easier to stick to a commitment of showing up on live video? I've outlined some tips below.


Announcing that you are going to go live in advance is a great practice, to not only attract more people to join you live, but also to help you stay accountable to showing up. If you have a tendency and self-sabotage and back out of doing your lives at the last minute, announce ahead of time when and where the live will happen. For me this has been committing to doing a weekly Live show - Biz Talk Tuesday - on my Facebook Page. It's on my calendar on a recurring basis and my people expect to see me there - so you bet I show up!

Think of "Your Person"

What you have to say is valuable and someone, out there, is feverousily searching for the help that only you can provide. When you focus your attention on the person who will benfit for the information that you are sharing, it takes the focus off your anxiety and fear. It becomes more important to show up and share when you believe someone out there needs to hear you.

Be You

Dissolve all of the pre-assumed notions that you need to be "Professional" on live Video. This one is all mindset. Your people want to get to know YOU - not the polished up, shiny version of you. When you tackle your mindset drama about being camera perfect you can let it go and the barriers to you sharing what you have to say disappear. This is the REAL work that can make the difference between you staying consistent with your visibility or you staying the internet's best kept secret.

Would you like to use Live Video as part of your client attraction system in your coaching business but feel intimidated about getting in front of a camera?

From March 16th - 20th I'm running the Camera Shy Live Video Challenge to help online entrepreneurs get confident and comfortable doing live video so that they can attract more dream clients with ease - even if the thought of going live is enough to make you eat an entire box of thin mints.

Sign up here: http://ingridkellyowens.com/camerashy-live-video-challenge

Hope to see you there!


Join the Camera Shy Live Video Challenge

March 16th - 20th