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The Top 5 Things you need to consider when buying a new camera

FB The top 5 thingsIs it too early to talk about Christmas? Nah – I’m going to run with it! It is November after all and Santa surely wants to get a little start on all those Christmas lists! So is there a new camera on your Christmas list this year? I know many of my students have been really trying hard to be good girls all year so that hubby or maybe Santa will pop something special in their stocking. A new 5D Mark iii perhaps? That nifty 50mm f/1.4 you’ve had in in your Amazon wish list for months?

If you are leaving it up to hubby to decided you might be in for a sad face on Christmas morning. The smart snap-happy lady might want to give him a few pointers in the right direction. But what if you are even struggling to figure out what you need next?

Let me help you by outlining some of the main issues I see beginning photographers face.

1. Is your body up to date?

No – it doesn’t count if you go to a Body Sculpt class at the Y every Friday morning! Cameras have changed enormously in the last 10 years and if you are still struggling along with a tiny LCD screen and hard to read menu then maybe its time for an upgrade. Features such a WiFi, touch screens and large LCD screen have become standard and you will find such an amazing change in the quality between a new T6i and the Rebel XS not only in picture quality but in ease of use.

2. You’ve outgrown your current body

Perhaps you are now happily shooting in Manual Mode and love the flexibility that it offers but you hate the fact that you have to contort your fingers in award positions just to change the Aperture. If it’s like a mini game of twister each time you take a shot, its time to level up! The mid-range DSLRS all have a second command wheel at the back which makes control exposure in manual mode a breeze. Check out the Canon 70D and the Nikon D5300 for this great feature.
You will also have a bigger body that is more robust but you will absolutely LOVE it!

3. Are itching to play with Aperture?

If you find yourself drooling over blurry backgrounds on Pinterest and wonder why your macaron images just don’t look as appetizing as the blogger next door, perhaps is because the aperture on your kit lens is severely limited. Most kit lenses only open to a maximum aperture of f/3.5 which isn’t enough to blur the background and separate your subject from the background. The answer to your problem is a lens with a wide maximum aperture. A great suggestion is the wonderful “Nifty 50 lens.” The little gem has a fixed focal length lens of 50mm which means its great for portraiture but can also open up wide to f/1.8. Which will absolutely render a beautiful bokeh (that creamy dreamy background your soul has been searching for.) It magically turns your boring, blah images into something you can be really proud of . And if you struggle with having low light a 50mm f/1.8 will be your BFF.

There is a learning curve with this lens and to get the most from it you’ll need to be shooting in Aperture Priority mode or using full manual exposure settings If you need help with this we cover all this in my Get out of Auto course. (Maybe Santa will gift you that!)

Nikon Nifty 50mm

4. You need more Light PLEEEASE!

If you struggle with low light in your home – and by “low” I mean you don’t have a blissful sunroom with light pouring in all day, maybe its time to up your game with an external flash. Yes, natural light is awesome but for many people its not possible or practical to get out and shoot outside all year round. The key thing with using a speedlight as opposed to the built-in flash on your camera, is that you have the ability to tilt the flash head towards the ceiling and bounce it off there to make a large soft light. This gives you the intensity of the flash without the harsh direct-on flash.

5. It’s time to get stylish!

Kelly More Bag Libby Camera bagKelly More Bag Libby Camera bagKelly More Bag Libby Camera bagThere’s always a need for a new camera bag – who says you only have to have one? Maybe one for every month of the year! One for out and about shooting, one for shooting up that mountain on a hike, one that can do double duty as a diaper bag – I could go one – Honestly I can justify anything about “needing” a new camera bag. Many hubbys might not realize that camera bags don’t have to be canvas velcro-laden, black ugly things – they can be pretty and pink or yellow (like mine!) Check out the wide ranges available from Epiphanie, Jo Totes and Kelly Moore which are all available at Amazon.com

Kelly More Bag Libby Camera bagSo I hope this will help you write some of your Santa list! If your nearest and dearest needs a little more guidance share this post with him on Facebook to give him a massive hint.

And if its all up to you to buy a new camera, sign up here for my Free Online Workshop being held on November 18th all about Choosing the Right Camera for You! I’ll be answering any questions you might have on all aspects of camera shopping so you can comment below with your questions or ask me live on the night!

Happy Snapping!


Get your free Ebook on Choosing a Digital Camera

"Choosing the Best Digital Camera for You"

“Choosing the Best Digital Camera for You”

At last, I am happy to report that my free guide on “Choosing the Best Digital Camera for You is complete.


I’ve been asked to create this mini eBook for some time now as I am constantly getting asked which digital camera I would recommend.

My aim is to guide you through the process of defining what exactly it is that you are looking for in a camera and how to go about making your choice.

It covers  –

  • what features you really need
  • where are the best places to buy
  • and I also include some of my favorite recommendations.

So if you’re thinking about buying a digital camera this holiday season, either for yourself or as a gift be sure to sign up for this guide!

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“Choosing the Best Digital Camera for You”

Happy snapping!


P.S. I plan on doing lots more of this type of information ebook so please let me know if there is anything you would specifically like to see!

How to choose the right DSLR Camera

Over the last few months I’ve been getting more and more questions emailed to me about all sorts of photography queries.  It’s been taking up a lot of my time writing each person back – which I try to do.  But I had a thought.  Many of these questions are very similar and so, in an effort to help ya’ll I’ve decided that I’m going to try to answer you questions in a new video series called CameraShy Q & A.

So here’s the first one – Emily from Arizona asks me which DSLR she should buy.


Recommended in this video

The Canon T3i 

The Nikon D3200

If you have a question you’d like me to answer, please email me ingrid {at} CameraShy{dot}info

Hope to hear from you soon!


(Apologies for the poor video quality – I’m working on it!)