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How to use Live Video to Attract More Clients

Live video is one of the fastest ways for new prospects get a feel for who you are and to accelerate the Know -  Like - Trust Factor.

Check out the video above to hear about how I've used Live Video despite being an introvert, to grow my online business and to attract prospective clients.

If you would like to show up and do more live video as part of your client attraction strategy, then join me for the brand new CameraShy Live Video Challenge beginning March 16th.  


Each day during the challenge you will  get an actionable lesson on how to help you get better and more comfortable doing live video so that you can show up effortlessly and consistently and attract a constant stream of new leads for your service-based business.

Here's the link to sign up: https://ingridkellyowens.com/camerashy-live-video-challenge/

Can't wait to see you there!


Video Transcript:

The topic of today's video is all about how to attract more your dream clients online using live video.

So it's kind of meta, right? So we're talking about video in a video and it's kind of like, yeah, it gets it's getting a little bit, it's getting a little bit too surreal. But I just wanted to talk a little bit about this. And if you are not doing live video to encourage you, firstly, that you can know, one of the things that has been the biggest difference in my business is when I started to show up live consistently, especially as a business coach. 

Before I was a business coach, I had another business which was called camera shy, which is funnily enough part of something I'm going to talk about later on, but in that business, I help people with the photography and then I ended up helping photographers with their business and grow and all that because my actual background is in business and marketing. 

But I grew up in a photographer family photography business, so I always am you know, I got involved with that, and I always was good at that. And anyway, long story short, what I decided to get into the online space, which actually had been an online for a long time.

But when video started to come about, I really started to get involved with live video on my Facebook page and on a group in a group that I have. And I had a Facebook group, we had nearly 2000 - I think maybe actually more than that members at one point. And so I utilize live video in lots of different ways showcasing people's work, doing commentary doing feedback, critiques, on their on their work, and that changed into business coaching and then I started to go live on my business coaching period. And it really allowed me to quickly get in front of the right people, but also increase that what we call in marketing the know like and trust factor.

And there really is nothing like video, live video especially to do that.

Four years ago when that was just starting out, one of the things that kept me back and held me back from doing video was trying to get it perfect now, because my background was in photography, and I knew all of the gear and all of the settings and all of the lighting, and everything that I needed to do to get video right, I started off trying to put videos on my YouTube channel and I started off trying to record these videos in a very particular way with the lighting and all the settings and using my big fancy DSLR and all of that and it actually just became a self sabotaging thing.

I never got it perfect. I never got it right. 

I have also learned subsequently that I am enneagram type one who does tend towards perfectionism, and it is hard for me to not have things perfect and to let things out without being perfect. So put that together with my already expertise on cameras and everything in lighting, I wanted it all to look great.

And then I am actually naturally introverted. It's hard for me to put myself out there on video. So it took a lot for me to go left to go on a video, right?

But I thought time live wasn't really a thing. When I discovered live video, all of that just fell away. Because I only had one take !I had to put it out there, I was going live, kids might come in dogs might, you know, try and get all of those things happened. And it just gives me so much more freedom and flexibility. And in doing video allowed me to kind of take off all of this, you know, perfectionism stuff that was holding me back. I'm not allowed me to get in front of my ideal clients and allowed them to get to know me and like me and trust me, right. So let's talk a little bit about that.

For you, because I feel that if you are an online service based business owner, an entrepreneur, somebody who's brand is represented by themselves online, which if you have a personal brand, if you have a service based business, your face should be representing that brand online, right? I believe that the best way for you to get in front of those people is to do live video. So the what we're going to talk today about some of the reasons why that is, and some of the things that you can start to do to make that happen and be a reality in your own world.

And something else I have in store for you as well, something exciting that I'm planning in the Facebook group, and if you're not a member over there, you can find that on the profitably visible entrepreneur group and sign up there, but I'll give you a link for that in a short while. Okay, so, as I've said, live video, positions you as a place where are A person who is a go to expert or sorry, I didn't actually, I'm trying to read my notes trying to be organized today.

The first thing that live video does is allows people to get to know like and trust you.  Having a conversation with somebody and I really here that I can't see these comments so because this doesn't feel like a conversation when it's just me talking to myself. Video gives you that opportunity to have a live interactive conversation.

And I know that Chanel is in Washington, and in the other side of the United States. I'm actually here in Ireland right now and we are able to, you know, connect online in a way that doesn't exist. was having to, you know, get in front of any sorts of viruses and like be in contact, we can actually be in contact in this way and she can get to see me and knowing I didn't know she met, but she if she did, she could get to know me here and ask me questions, as I hope that you will be even with the replay people can get to have a little bit of that experience as well.

It also it positions you as an expert, because when you are showing up lie, you're able to talk about your stuff, you're able to talk about the thing that you know, best. And I know for me, especially live video when I have to script something. And I find it quite talented to try and read a script, or to write a body of work and to read from that. 

Whereas when I am going live, I can kind of talk a little bit more off of the cuff. And I think that's better for me, maybe people maybe it confuses people more than it helps him but I think for me, anyway, it's definitely easier for me to do I don't overthink it, because I can't overthink it. I rarely rewatch them because I think I probably would like die. But I do believe that people get a lot from them there is value there to be had. Right? And and that's because I'm able to open up and talk openly and more relaxed when it's a live video.

So yes, it shows you as an expert, and it just allows people to really get a feel for you because there might be I'm there are a million business coaches out there in the world, right. But there is nobody quite like me because they don't have my personality. Right. And when I work with my clients, I work quite closely with them in their business. So it's very important that that we've got to die for it. Right. You know, this isn't a corporate thing. This isn't a stuffy relationship.

We've got to be able to, you know, get along. There are some people that say you don't have to be like somebody or you don't have to like somebody to do business with them. But I feel like if you're going Want to try and be somebody's coach and you're going to have your hands in their business and really helping them out with like some of that deep mindset stuff, there has to be trust there and they have to kind of like you on some level, you know, it's not going to work if they don't. So I believe that that that really, really helps.

Of course, it demonstrates your craft right.

Thirdly, it allows you to show that you know what you're talking about, like I said, but also helps you to practice your craft and practice speaking in front of people speaking your thoughts.

I don't know about you, but when in your an online business world, you're spend so much of your time alone and isolated, right. And I know I spend a lot of time in my head and in my journal too. But a lot of the thoughts that I'm developing and the you know, the ideas that I have about business and everything, sometimes I don't get them out except for on my on my paper, so if it wasn't for live video, I wouldn't have that opportunity. To share that sort of stuff, and I wouldn't have the opportunity to try and see, you know, does this fly does this resonate does this not right? So it's really important that you have that ability to do that. And live video helps you do that, right. So these are all reasons why you should do it. And I think that most people now know that it is something that they really would like to be doing. But we are not seeing our feed completely blasted with live video all the time. I know.

For one, I am friends with a lot of people on Facebook. And there is only a small handful of those people who are actually posting live on a consistent basis.

And the consistent thing is really super important.

Because we need to get in front of our people consistently at the same time. Pretty much weekend we got pretty much right which I know that I have neglected to do over the last couple of weeks. But also Because you're fighting the algorithm, right? You want the Facebook to know that you are somebody that has something to say and that you they want to push that work in front of other people. So the consistency is super, super important, right? Okay, so what stops us from getting there, then what stops us from showing up live on a consistent basis, despite the fact that we know that a positions as an expert, despite the fact that we know it is the thing that we need to be doing to attract those clients because that's what everybody wants, right?

We want we don't want as we're going to look over time, so we don't have to be going out and grabbing clients. We want them to come to us as attract to us naturally. And so that they will naturally come and ask us to work with them, not the other way around, right? Because nobody will. Nobody likes that energy. And it's totally pick them up. If that's the word, right? So we want to just be ourselves right? And you can totally be yourself online video. But why do we not do that? Right?

And the big, big reason right because I I've heard them all, I've heard that, well, you know, I can't get the tech, right. And I just can't get a time, right. And I hadn't got my hair done. And, you know, the kid was home and my husband was there. And we've got all of the reasons, right. But the real underlying reason behind all of these is that it's fear.

The fear is stopping us from showing up live on video. And we have to be able to adopt the correct mindset to overcome that. So much of this visibility stuff has all got to do with controlling your mind. I will tell you that I resisted this for the longest time, because I'm a marketing strategist. And I know all the way things are supposed to be done and I know the right methods and the right strategies and the right tactic to use and I will tell you that they're not worth a Fiddler's if you do not have your mindset into Tech around them all. So that is why working with a coach can really help you with doing that. Right?

You can get that mindset in check right now. You don't have to work with the coaches. I also do that with my own self with. And, you know, journaling, I have accountability partners. There's lots of different ways, but you got to be managing that mindset to get you out there in front of your people because there is no question, live video works. It's allowing you to get in front of your people. And you need to have people coming in to you in a nice consistent stream in a way that's easy and doable for you. The only thing that's stopping most people to get there is their mindset.

So what I wanted to do, and what I am super excited about doing is in the week of St. Patrick's week, which is in two weeks time March 16 through the 20th I'm going to be running a live challenge in my facebook group called the profitably visible In our Facebook group, and it is all going to be about camera shy getting over your camera shyness and getting in front of people on live video. And I am super excited about this because if you were here at the beginning of the life here, you heard me talk about my background is in video or my background is in not necessarily video but cameras, equipment, tech, all of that sort of stuff. I am a geek when it comes to technology. But I'm also been able to put together that strength along with my marketing chops and my visibility chops and my knowledge of going live consistently now for the last three years on Facebook and be able to bundle it all up it with a covered up with a lovely set of mindset stuff, right?

And my coaching knowledge to help people who are just like me, and maybe they are a little bit on the introverted side. Definitely a little camera shy and definitely want to ask track their clients but find it hard to get in front of the camera, I can help them do all of that.

And we are going to do that live challenge. It's going to be really, really awesome. I'm super excited about it. I haven't been so excited about putting something together like this in a long while. And I really think it will be really beneficial. Now it's a free challenge. There is no charge to take part it is going to be a lot of fun. And like I said, it's going to give you a place as well. If you're not familiar with going live, you can practice will have little daily prompts in the Facebook group, but it's short and snappy enough that you could start getting consistent and start getting enough traction on your own. So that is happening live in the profitably visible entrepreneur Facebook group in a couple of weeks. grich now I hope you will spread the word and join us in there.

Thank you again for joining me live. I really think that it's going to be really beneficial and I'm going to be in there. I will also do tech tech help like live And angles and all that kind of jazz. And, you know, we'll get as much of that as we can. But we really be digging into some of the mindset stuff that holds us back. Because like I said, it doesn't matter. But all the strategies, if you don't have the mindset stuff done, you're not going to even get on there and press the button. So this is something totally new for me. I can I know, like I said, I feel like I'm mashing my two businesses together. And I think it's going to be a really lot of fun. I hope you find this valuable and if you have, make sure you share it with somebody who you think might benefit from either this video or from the challenge, and I hope to see you on the flip side, take it easy bye