Getting Started with Photography

Are you trying to get to grips with a new digital SLR? Are you trying to get a handle on photography basics without the waffle and jargon of those high brow forums?

Welcome to Beginners Photography Blog! You’ve found a place where there is no such thing as a stupid question and we are all learning together. I’ve been teaching photography in the “real world” for over 12 years and been involved in the photographic industry for the past 20yrs. I love helping people get the most out of their cameras and improve their photography easily, sometimes by just knowing which mode to use! This blog will help you do that and more.

In my experience I’ve found that although there is a ton of photography information out there online, it can be sometimes difficult for a beginner in photography to know were to begin.  Maybe you can’t be bothered with reading that manual or perhaps you can’t make head nor tail what that camera icon is – I promise –  I’ve got you covered! Beginners Photography blog is a great place to get lots of tips and tricks that will help make your pictures pop without having to know the intricate workings of your camera! So if you’ve already begun to learn photography or if you’re just thinking about buying a Digital SLR, sign up for blog updates to make sure you don’t miss anything and spend some time reading some of the articles.  I’ve outlined below a few that might be a good place to start.

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If you are thinking of buying a new DSLR check out:

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And if you are in need of a little creative inspiration then why not join us in our Take 52 Challenge ?

And whether you have a fancy DSLR camera or a simple point and shoot, you can learn how to take better photos with my free course.  Click here to sign up for your Free Course!

Have fun and poke around a bit – I hope you’ll find something to interest you!


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