Nikon Coolpix P510 – A Superzoom Bridge camera

When I was back home in Ireland last month I was lucky enough to get my hands on the new Nikon Coolpix P510. This is a Bridge Camera (not quite a DSLR but bigger than a point and shoot) with a powerful zoom lens.

Click on the video below to here my thoughts on this camera and check out the photos below to give you an idea of the strength of the Optical Zoom lens.

Thanks to my Auntie Jean and Uncle Pete for providing the beautiful garden for my test 🙂 .

Nikon Coolpix P510


Sample shots of the Nikon P510 Super Zoom

PS You can check out more reviews of the P510 on Amazon.


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Emma - July 11, 2012

Wow, that’s quite a zoom! It has a nice slight blur too to keep the focus on the subject.

Cassandra - September 3, 2012

I just bought the P510… love love love it. Shot the moon- can’t believe the clarity. Shot a deer in the woods… couldn’t get it to focus past the tree branches- how can I focus on the subject during superzoom when there are objects nearby that the camera prefers to focus upon? help!

Ingrid - September 4, 2012

Hey Cassandra – Congrats on the new camera! The trick with focusing through something such as branches in the woods is to make sure you have only the Center Auto focus point selected. This means that your focus will only be on whatever is in the center of your frame. You could also use the Focus Lock method to capture subjects that are off-center in your frame. This requires a more detailed explanation than I can fit in here so I think I’ll do up a wee blog post about it for ya!

Vipul - January 27, 2013

Hey thanks for review. I need to know this camera click nice shots in NIGHT??

patrick - January 30, 2013

i just got mine as a birthday gift from my mother. i couldnt be happier!i went from using my camera phone to the nikon p510. im fugring out aperture and shutter speed, i think im doing farely well with it. does aperture let you take pictures in low light areas, ex. you go to the hospital and the nurse says please dont use the flash on the newborn baby, so then i switch to aperture mode, so i dont disturb the baby. am i right about that? thank you for your you-tube video, i found it to be very informational, i will continue to view this blog for more info, thanks again, i just found out that my wife is pregnant yesterday, im glad i have this camera to document the new baby’s life and birth.

patrick - January 30, 2013

yes it does, i talked about aperture on my comment below, im new to this, i do know it takes good pictures anytime of day.

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