It’s ok to admit your failures…

Ok I have a confession…I’ve fallen behind.  I’ve been so super busy over the last few weeks it’s been really challenging taking an image every week for the Take 52 Challenge (How on earth does anybody ever so the Project 365?)  Anyways, all is not lost.  The cool thing about this Challenge is that it’s mine so I give myself permission to keep on going!  I have actually been taking the images just not having had the time to post them, so now you get to see a mini collection all at one time.

Week 5: Shadows

This week I finally got my 50mm lens replaced so I spent some time playing with it wide open.  If you haven’t yet invested in a 50mm wide aperture lens then make it a point to do so soon.  I LOVE mine and I especially love that it is so lightweight and compact.  It makes a nice change from the heavy zoom lens that I usually have on my camera.  It gives such an interesting field of view and of course renders beautiful creamy backgrounds.  This shot is of Sam’s glasses and I love the way the shadows created by the glasses almost look like a reflection in the book.


Take 52 Challenge

Week 6: Shiny

I found Shiny a little tough – probably due to the lack of shiny surfaces in my house – I have 2 kids, a dog and a hubby who loves bringing the outside in you know!  And as my mother says I’m NOT a natural housekeeper.  So for SHINY I decided to photograph my newest Shiny object – the necklace hubby gave me for Christmas.  I used the little bell (also shiny) as a backdrop as it is a favor from one of our wedding showers way back when…

Shiny Take 52 Challenge

Week 7: Love is…

Awh, this week was an easy one right?  We were surrounded by love and lovely things all week so I used my iPhone to snap this shot of my brand new coffee tea travel mug from my hubby.  I was seriously excited about this mug – I mean it – I never had one of my own before and I need my tea in the mornings while carrying out my chauffeur duties for the little ones 🙂  Love is tea I guess! (oh and not forgetting the heart shaped peppermint patties)

CameraShy Take 52 Challenge

So I’m reinvigorated and planning to keep up from now on.  The crowd in the Flickr group is amazing – you guys inspire me!  It’s not too late for you to jump in – just get going this week and don’t even try to catch up.


Week 8:Theme: Music

Have fun 🙂







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Jennifer Stein - February 23, 2012

Getting behind was the hardest thing about my 365 Project. It’s great that you remembered that it’s YOUR project. At one point I skipped ahead – and used a photo of my daughter skipping. It was liberating to remember that it was my project after all.

Fotograf Gdańsk - February 25, 2012

These cool glasses, I love to photograph details

Alex Sablan - June 19, 2012

I know the feeling, my project 365 was supposed to end last week… My last one was 359/365, but the good news is I have been busy doing paying gigs and not doing my personal project.

Ingrid - June 25, 2012

That’s kind of like me Alex. At the beginning of this year I was full of plans for my own personal projects, then things took off for me work wise so that kinda took over. It’s all good though 🙂

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