How do I Back Up My Pictures?

What was that I hear? “ I save them to CD…When I remember” or “ I print everything” hmmm or the best – “I don’t back up my pictures!”

Well, I’m not hear to judge you. I admit I’m not the world’s most organized person but I do try. I’m currently trying to gain control of my hard drive and it’s contents. Mostly my pictures. I couldn’t believe it when I opened Picasa last week and realized how much stuff is on there. I have so many photos on my hard drive! Especially since having my daughter. I’ve probably taken more photos this past year than I had in the previous 3 years. And they’re all just sitting there…waiting…until someday, I burn them onto DVDs and file them away, possibly even delete them to free up some space on the hard drive. Oh a girl can dream…

Now, I teach all my students the importance of a good “workflow”:

Take Pictures – transfer to computer (my choice – use Picasa) – delete Pictures off memory card – Edit –

Print or Share – BACK UP.

I’ve got to be honest. I’m great at the taking, uploading and could use a little improvement on the “share” but when it comes to remembering to Backup my pictures, I have failed miserably.

It’s constantly on my list of things do.

Or should I say it WAS constantly on my list of things to do. Now I don’t worry about it thanks to a cool online back up service called MOZY! For $4.95 a month they back up my entire hard drive . That’s unlimited storage. Pictures, documents – EVERYTHING! How awesome is that? It works away in the background, uploading any new files and storing them on their servers and I can honestly say I don’t even notice it doing it’s thing.

They’ve just recently redesigned their website and it’s super easy to use.

  • Just sign up and give them your info. They even have a free service where you can get 2GB without paying a dime. I decided to go for the MozyHome Unlimited Plan though – for less than $5 a month for unlimited storage.  It walks you through the necessary steps but basically you just do the following:
  • Download MozyHome
  • Then select the files you want them to back up (they give you a suggested list.)
  • Over the next few days or weeks, depending on the size of your files, they back up your entire hard drive. (it took me 2 weeks).
  • After that they periodically backup when your computer is idle.

Cool or what? No more CDs no more external hard drives No more “long finger.”

So go check it out before you regret it!

Remember: It’s not IF your hard-drive fails, but WHEN it fails. Don’t loose all those memories. Check out Mozy here – Trust me – you’ll sleep better at night!

Use this link and the coupon code AUGUST to get 10% off annual and biennial Mozy Unlimited or MozyPro

Happy snapping!



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Staci - May 4, 2010

Why not just leave your pictures on the memory cards, or transfer them to other storage devices instead of paying some website to store ALL of your information?

Ingrid Owens - May 4, 2010

Staci – Memory cards can easily become corrupted – I’ve seen it way too many times where suddenly the card is unreadable and hence all the customer’s images are lost. So I never recommend keeping your pictures on there for any length of time. You could use other types of storage media but they too can become corrupted, lost or destroyed in a fire say. That can’t happen if storage is off site. Plus the big bonus for me is that it is all done automatically so I never have to remember to to do it! Thanks for your comments 🙂

JohnnyBoyClub - June 11, 2010

I use for my pictures a software called Dmailer ( ) .
Is a free software to use and they offer up to 3gb of space on their servers to safely secure my pictures and is more than enough as i am backing up only important pictures.

Ingrid Owens - June 12, 2010

Thanks for another option JohnnyBoyClub – I hadn’t heard of them before.

Terry F. - August 12, 2010

I’ve been looking for ways to backup my hard drive, and I appreciate your explanations. The only thing that concerns me about sites like Mozy is what happens if Mozy should go out of business? What happens to everything that’s been backed up?

Thanks in advance for your reply.

Ingrid Owens - August 12, 2010

Hi Terry

That’s a fair question and one I’m afraid I can’t really answer. One would hope that a reputable company like Mozy would have a plan in place if such a thing should happen.

Sorry I can’t be more enlightening.



Ingrid Owens - August 12, 2010

Oh and don’t forget to use the latest coupon code above for 10% discount from Mozy this month

Gee - November 18, 2010

I use for my photos a software called ZenOK Online Backup 2011 ( easy softwate to use and fast besides it is a complete security system tool.

Mad Tattoo - May 10, 2011

I have always used Picasa in uploading my photos to back them up. This is a serious matter, whenever I take pictures after a long day the whole evening will be spent by Picasa in uploading hundreds of my photos. You will never know when an attack comes.

Gary Conway - May 12, 2011

Hi i would just like to say that large companies such as Mozy have had exactly the same problem as we have had as individuals ie their servers have gone down and people have lost images .So this isn’t a fail safe back up.

In fact there is no such things as a fail safe back up system.

Personally i store my images on 1tb internal hardrive that constantly syncs to an external 1tb hard drive which once a week is synced with a 3rd external hard drive .Any work for clients are saved to disk for the client and a second disk is also done and filed.

kaza - August 3, 2011

good to know! 😉

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