Have you tried Canvas Photo Printing ?

This week I’m eventually getting around to enlarging and framing my daughter’s first year pictures.  Well, I was going to get some of them framed but the cost of getting large format frames has been putting me off.  So for a lot of pictures I’ve opted instead for getting canvas prints from photos from the past year of her life.  The funny thing is this is actually working out really inexpensive!

Canvas Photo Printing

Many people don’t realize that you can get canvas prints from photos that you already have on your hard drive.  Thanks to wonderful digital printing technology , these personalized piece of art can be yours with a few clicks of the mouse. For my prints I’ve opted to use Canvas People . I’m always cautious about getting prints made online – I guess it comes from my background in printing and extremely high standards!  Canvas People are actually giving away a free Canvas print this month so it’s a great way to try out their quality with no risk.

Advantages of Canvas Prints

Go Big!

One of the best things about canvas prints from photos is that you can go really big with your picture without having to worry about  having to buy and hang a big expensive frame.  Canvases are so lightweight that can be hung on virtually any wall.

Pieces of Art

The canvas wraps around the frame, (sometimes known as a gallery wrap) and gives a wonderful professional finish. They have a look of an oil painting and also have a special protective coating to protect from dust and dirt.

Unique and personalized

Canvas prints make wonderful unique and personalized gifts for those hard to buy for people in your life.

Tips for Canvas Photo Printing

  • I think that canvas photo printing works best for extreme close up shots of kids (think big blue eyes popping off the canvas) and landscape or travel photos.  These types of pictures really lend themselves to this format.
  • Make sure your colors are vibrant and rich.  In my experience, Canvas prints tend to make colors look a little less vibrant, so it’s important that your pictures not washed out to begin with.
  • Make sure you upload a high resolution shot.  Going big means you’ll need lots of pixels so make sure your saving your image in the highest quality
  • Crop carefully – as the canvas will wrap around the frame, make sure that you allow for this when uploading your image.  The software that Canvas People use gives you a great visual on where your image will go around the edges.
  • When your enlarging pictures for display on your wall remember that you probably need to get them enlarged bigger than you think you need to.  This is especially true for Canvas Prints because you wont have the added size of a mat and a frame molding in your finished product.
  • Make groups or themes of prints that go together.  Putting together a triptych (3 pics of the same subject) or several picts of the same theme is a great way of displaying your pictures and canvas prints are an idea way to showcase this kind of work.
  • Consider using Black and White/ Sepia for a different feel for your Canvas Prints.  Use a software program such as Photoshop Elements to achieve this look.

I hope I’ve inspired you to try out some Canvas Prints from photos that you have sitting on your hard drive.  Why not check out Canvas People for yourself and get a free canvas print of your own to get you started!

Happy Snapping!


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Robert F. Filcsik Photography - June 16, 2011

Hi there, Ingrid! This is such a wonderful idea. I have a two-year-old little girl and her collection of portraits are just amazing. My husband and I have been planning to revamp her baby’s room into that fir for a little girl. We;re thinking of putting up a couple of photos of her on the walls. Canvass seems like such an interesting material. Thanks so much for sharing this with your readers!

photo canvas prints - July 11, 2011

Hello ingrid,i would like to appreciate your idea print photo on canvas is a very wonderful way of keeping your memories.I love how photographs look printed on canvas.

Lauren Clark Photography - August 2, 2011

Oh, what a great idea! Now why didn’t I think of that? 🙂 Canvass printing would add such a creative touch to photography. Rustic with a modern twist, I should think. Thank you for sharing this!

steve - August 8, 2011

This idea of photo on canvas is really superb and innovative.I have always experienced that photos on canvas look more beautiful than an ordinary photo on wall.Thanks a lot for sharing your creativity with us.

Jarvis Photography - August 14, 2011

Landscape photography looks so good on canvass. I recently saw one such as this in an office building where I met with a client. It almost looked like a painting!

Ingrid - August 22, 2011

I know – and sometimes people only use it for portraits. It’s a lovely finish.

Ingrid - August 22, 2011

Your welcome Steve 🙂

Amanda McNeely Photography - August 23, 2011

Hi Ingrid! Mind if i steal your idea? 😉 My client and I have been brainstorming about unique ideas that we can incorporate into her wedding. I’m thinking, that instead of setting up the couple’s pre-wedding photos on vertical frames, we can set them up on canvass. I think this will make everything look more polished. Plus, canvass would go so well with their pink and brown theme.

Thanks in advance! I know you’d let me steal this … 🙂

canvasframe - June 24, 2013

Great idea for canvas sharing post…Canvass printing would add such a creative touch to photography.

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