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Hi Guys,

For today’s Learn a Mode Monday I thought I’d try something a little different and post a video of how to use your continuous shooting mode.  This mode is perfect for capturing fast moving subjects like wildlife, athletes and 11 month old babies!

Check it out and let me know your thoughts!

  • So remember, for shooting fast moving objects look for your camera’s Continuous Shooting Mode button Continuous Shooting Mode Button
  • Keep your finger fully depressed on the shutter button and capture all that action!

A great way to use up an entire memory card 😉

Here’s the Transcript of the video for those of you who like to read:

Hi everyone! Welcome to the 1st Camerashy  Learn a Mode Monday via video. This is an exciting day for me because this is the first time that I’ve ever done a video blog. Also I would like to give a special warm welcome to all my Facebook fans. Over the last number of days our numbers have actually doubled on Facebook so I’m super excited about that. I hope that I will be able to deliver all the good content that your guys are looking for.  In the meantime,  lets go over to the Learn a Mode Monday since it is Monday. Today’s mode is going to be continuous shooting mode. Now this is a good mode if you are at a sporting event and you want to catch fast movement or if your kid is just on the go like my little Sophie who is always moving all the time. I want to be able to just snap quickly as she moves along and not missing a shot. So what I use for that is I use my continuous shooting mode. You might have seen this on some of the more professional looking cameras but most compact cameras can actually do this feature as well.

I’ll show you first where it is on my Digital SLR  which is my Canon so that I can show you where the mode is. First of all I’ll have to turn it on at the top  and the mode is usually at the back of the camera that usually has a symbol like a stack of papers.

Holding up closer, this one is just there. So all I do to select that is to turn on the continuous shot mode. Usually with most cameras you have to scroll through a couple of different modes to get the one that you want. If you are  looking for that little icon like the stack of papers which I’ll be posting so you will know what it looks like under this blog.

All you do is keep your finger on the button while you’re shooting. So it’s just a matter of snapping. All I do is to continually keep my finger pressed down on the button. The method of doing it if you are at a sports event is to keep your focus onto what you are looking at.  Keep your fingers on the button  and you should move the camera and follow the actions along. That action is called Panning and we will probably talk about that in another blog.

On the compact camera, it’s the same exact icon. At least it is for the Canon cameras and most cameras have the similar thing. And for this Canon, it is the shortcut button on my particular camera – it is the little stack of papers symbol that you can actually see better than  on the  Digital SLR.

So that’s Continuous  Shot Mode or Continuous Shooting Mode. Remember you keep you fingers pressed on that button and you will never miss any of the action.  Thank you very much for tuning in to my latest blog cast. Hopefully I can keep them coming so keep snappin’! =)

Keep snapping!


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djmayne2001 - March 24, 2010

I have started playing with this a bit recently. I was wondering whether shake and stability really played a big part in the outcome of the shots.

Ingrid Owens - March 24, 2010

Hi djmayne2001

Stability absolutely does make a big difference to the clarity of your shots. Where possible use a tripod but if not keep your elbows tucked into your chest, support the lens with your left hand underneath it and take a deep breath in…or out…either one helps!


Bryan Grant Photography - November 9, 2010

great for big groups with bight light …. always blinkers

Bryan Grant Photography - December 16, 2010

great for baby and children pics also a great way to eliminate blinkers while taking party pics

Mort Fertel - April 25, 2011

I’m amazed at the features one gets in today’s digital cameras. I grew up shooting Nikons and a motor drive was big, bulky and darned expensive.

Cody - May 11, 2011

How have I not know about this blog earlier? I just stumbled upon this and now I actually feel like there is hope for beginner photographers like myself. I dont really have any educational experience with a camera so any and all tips are great. I cant wait to check out everything else on the site.

Cody, webmaster at Dentist Spokane site.

Fred M. - September 14, 2011

I never really used that mode. Thanks for sharing that info. I just tried it and it is actually perfect for taking photos of my kids.

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