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Take 52 Challenge – Week 5

I heard a podcast this week about how when we let the little things slip, then we begin to slide on big projects.  Makes sense.  Here we are at the beginning of February and so many of us have let our New Years Resoultions slip and then the goal gets lost and we let the whole idea slide.

Not going to let it happen with me. So, I ‘m playing catch up.  Only 5 days late with this post…

Week 5’s theme was Comfort

Take 52 Challenge



Sophie and her comfort blankie “Baddie.” He used to be so soft and cuddly … but even now, despite his lack of fluffiness, he still has his calming effect. Heaven help us if he were ever to go missing….


Week 5’s theme is “Shadows”

And I better get a wriggle on…

Happy Snapping



Take 52 Challenge – Week 4

Phew!  The weeks are flying by and we’re at week 4 already.  Doing this challenge has made me acutely aware of the fact that right now, there is no way I could cope with Project 365!

Last week’s theme was “Play-Time”



Despite the fact that I spend my days surrounded by toys my kids – like most kids – are difficult to photograph because they never stay still!  So I gotta say I was pleased with shot shot as I didn’t use any flash and just bumped my ISO  – waaay up to 1600 which on my camera is a lot.  It is grainy but I think it kinda adds to the shot.


This week’s theme is “Comfort”


Let me know how you are getting on!


Happy Snapping

Help me with my resolution

Wow! I can’t believe January is flying by so fast.  It seems like no time since we were getting ready for Christmas and then making New Years Resolutions.

My main resolution this year is to get as many Digital SLR owners Out of the Auto mode on their cameras as possible.

So many people have these great (expensive!) , powerful, digital cameras but yet they have no idea how to operate it out of the Automatic setting.  It’s such a waste!  Seriously, you may as well just be using a heavy point and shoot camera if you are stuck on the little green square or smiley faced man setting…

But I know why you are stuck there…

DSLRs can be confusing

There are so many buttons to figure out.

The manuals are written in double dutch and use hieroglyphics!

If only someone could TELL you what you need to know

If only someone could show you what mode to be in for each shot

If only someone could just explain some of the terminology!

Well it’s time to be stuck no more.

It’s time to Get out of Auto!


Join me live, online each Tuesday evening at 8pm EST, beginning Jan 24th, for this 4 week course designed to Get you Out of Auto

It’s going to be fun!  To get the details click here and start using your camera to the max.

See you in class!


P.S. This is a very unique course delivery and class size is very limited so hurry up and register right away!

Take 52 Challenge – Week 3

So how did we all do in week 2 of the Take 52 Challenge?  I found the theme “Cold to be particularly tricky.  I was sure I would be able to conjure up some magical winter scene outside my house, but alas, it was not to be. Every time I would venture out, camera in hand, everything seemed bleak, barren and boring. The day that I finally took the shot below I was wearing Mollie in the ergobaby carrier and was somewhat restricted in the types of pictures I could take.  Crawling on the ground,for example, was out of the question.

So, when in doubt – I look up.

Take 52 Week 2

These are the awesome Oak trees that surround our house.  They must be hundreds of years old as they are huge.  I plan on doing a study of these trees at some point as they are very much a part of my husband’s family history.  But that is for another time…

As always I took several shots, zooming in and out, varying my position and trying to eliminate the power lines. It was tricky enough getting the both the sky and the trees properly exposed and I had to tweak a little in PSE which brought out some green detail in the bark of the trees. A tiny sign of growth in an otherwise chilly image.

I hope you are sticking with me and the Challenge and enjoying it. Each week we get to start anew!  So it’s not too late to join in. You can check out the Flickr group , the Facebook Page  and previous week’s themes to see what’s been happening so far.

This week the theme is full of fun – “Play-time”


Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Happy Snapping


Take 52 Challenge – Week 2

What a week!  I’ve been overwhelmed by the response of all of you wanting to join in on the Take 52 Challenge.  It’s been great to have some company and I’ve been starting to get to know some of you over in Flickr and on facebook.  It’s been awesome putting faces and names to readers!

Last week’s theme was “New” and here is my effort:

Take 52 Week1 Mollie’s New Shoes

It was much harder than I thought it would be – and this is only the first week!

As I said in Flickr:

There was a time when I loved buying new shoes.  Now I buy them for my little girls while I run around in trainers. This is my baby’s first pair bought specifically for her. Being my 2nd girl she gets her fair share of hand-me-downs. New.

I tried several other subjects before settling on this one.  And I tried several different backgrounds, lighting and elements of this shot as well.  It’s funny how a simple change of background gave a completely different feel to the shot. This is the one I decided on because it seemed girlie and bright and New.

So onward to Week 2.

And the theme for this week is “Cold”


Easy perhaps for our Irish participants, not so much for those in Australia!

Don’t forget to join in the Flickr group where there’s a great community forming with lots of commenting and discussion.

I’d love to hear your comments about how you are getting on with the challenge so let me know below!

Happy Snapping




Will you join me?

Bluffton New Year

Happy New Year!

Hope you all had a lovely holiday season and you are looking forward to the New Year with gusto.

I am really looking forward to 2012 and I have LOTS of New Year’s Resolutions… Some of them I’m going to keep to myself but the one major one that I would like to share with you all is my resolution to take more PICTURES!  Sometimes I honestly get so caught up in teaching photography and talking about about photography that I neglect the art of actually practicing photography!  I know, I do take tons of pictures of my little girls and I love doing that but lately I’ve been craving more.  More photography for photography’s sake, rather than taking pictures just because I want to record an event.  So I’m going to take more photos.  And I want you to join me!

Introducing CameraShy’s Take 52 Project.

Spurred on from the feedback in the Facebook Group and my students here in Atlanta I’ve put together this project for 2012 to inspire a little creativity.

Here’s how it’s going to work:

1. Every Monday I will announce this week’s theme on the blog and on the facebook page.

2. Take some pictures inspired by this theme

3. Pick your best shot

4. Share it with the group before the following Sunday.

  • The theme is designed to fire your creative spirit and can be interpreted however you may wish.  You can use it to perfect your technical skills, your composition skills or just to photograph ordinary subjects in interesting ways.  Whatever you do, if your taking pictures you are practicing your skill and perfecting your art.
  • The challenge is open to everyone – it doesn’t matter what type of camera you have or what level you are at, shoot in auto or full manual–just as long as you participate.
  • You can share your best shots in the new Flickr group that I created specifically for this project or upload it to the facebook page if you’d prefer.  The idea is to receive some feedback on your work and encourage others by commenting on their work.
  • Remember that this is a challenge designed to help you practice your skills.  Although you might have a photo in your library that would suit the theme take a new photo that week.  You can always try and perfect the one you already have and even try to recreate it.
  • There are no winners or loosers just a group of like minded photogs!

I hope you’ll join me in participating.  Don’t worry if you feel you can’t commit to the whole year – just jump in when you can and have fun!

If you want to be sure to receive notification of each week’s theme sign up below and I send you an email when each theme is posted.



So to kick things off

The theme for Week 1 is “New”



How easy is that?!

I’m off to get shooting.   Hope you are too.

Happy Snapping

P.S. Be sure to sign up using the form above if you want me to send you each week’s theme.

Useful Links:

CameraShy Facebook Page

CameraShy Take 52 Flickr Group Page







5 Tips to Make the Camera Love You.

The very photogenic Agne

I got a great question this week on the Facebook page from Tracy. She wanted to know if I had any tips for making a person more photogenic?

Instead of trying to put together my answer in a Facebook Post I thought I’d answer it here on the blog so we all call learn how to look pretty.  These tips are great if you are getting headshots done for your profile, at an event or anytime a camera is pointed in your direction.


The first thing that you have to do is to try to relax.  If your not relaxed then you are going to look uncomfortable and awkward and ultimately you’ll be unhappy with your photo.  I realize that this is easier said than done but it does get easier with practice so the more opportunities you get to get your photo taken  – do it!   This might mean hiring your kid to do a photoshoot with you in the back yard until you perfect your posing 🙂


2. Make Up.

Don’t underestimate the power of a little blush and a little lipstick.  The camera tends to show up more of our flaws so do your best to cover them up before getting in front of the camera.  A tad more make up than you’re usually comfortable with is probably the right amount.   A little retouching afterwards can help too but it’s always better to look great from the get go.  This will help your confidence and hence help you to relax also.



If possible, try to get the photographer to take your picture from a slightly elevated position looking down on you.  Grab a step ladder or a stool and get the photographer to shoot you from above as you look up into the camera.  This   is a very flattering angle for most people.  It helps to elongate the neck and get rid of any extra double chins and gives an overall feeling of “lift” to the image.


4. Angle.

Turn your body at an angle to the camera.  This is so much more flattering than standing straight on towards the camera –  mugshot style.


5. Smile!

I guarantee you you wll look better if you smile at the camera.  It doesn’t have to be a cheesy grin just try to smile with your eyes and look into the lens of the camera as if it is the eyes of the person you are talking to. The end result will be a much better connection between you, the camera and the viewer of the image.

So take a deep breath, relax and Bonus Tip Number 6. – Don’t say cheese say lollies:) !


Happy Snapping



P.S. Thinking of taking up a camera class this Fall?  Check out my Master your DSLR – Photography 101 and learn from the comfort of your own home.

Sometimes pictures need words

Sometimes I take photos to remember everyday stuff.  Like last night during dinner, I wanted to remember the name of the bottle of wine we were drinking so out with my iPhone and snap – an image that I’ll be better able to locate than a scrap of paper used to scribble down it’s name.

Of course I also take pictures to remember the momentous occasions – the birth of my new baby daughter for one – lots of pics 🙂

And sometimes, I take pictures to remember the little things that will in the future become the big things. But I really need to do more of this,  It hit me during this past week – several times. I’ve been gently reminded of the importance of picture taking as a way of preserving the past for the future.  We’ve been gathering up pictures for my MIL’s surprise birthday party.  These tiny square blurry images, from my husbands childhood tell such lovely stories.  By examining what’s in the backgrounds we get excited about a favorite toy that can be seen or the memories come flooding back about that particular birthday party.  These little squares with rounded off corners are windows into the past – Goodtimes and happy memories.

But a lot of the time we were left guessing.  Who is that? What ever happened to her? Was that you or your brother?   If only there was a little journaling to go with them, those pictures would have sound.  Back in the shop at home, we spend a great deal of time restoring and copying old photos.  These pictures are all people have left when loved ones pass and time moves on.  The really special ones are those with a little bit of handwriting on the back with the who, where, when and sometimes why – Great Aunt Bessie, Endenfell, Oct 1938  – Annual Boxing Day party.

I take so many photos compared to most people but I am so bad at cataloging them.  These days I feel proud of myself if I even get them printed never mind put into an album.   I am terrible about journaling and even when I have done so, I hardly ever record more than  just the facts  I’ve tried to scrapbook but always feel overwhelmed.  But, I’m resolved to change this.  I’m going to do it for my kids – even if if they don’t appreciate it for years to come they will, one day.  How I’m going to do it I’m not yet sure.  Maybe I’ll scrapbook.  Maybe I’ll do more photobooks.  Maybe I’ll make a blog.  Whatever way I do it, they won’t have to fill in the blanks.

It’s important.  Life  is short.  And I’ll record more than just the facts.  Just so they know the why…

How do you record your memories for the future? Are you a scrapbooker?  Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


I’m still here :)

Hi guys,

Just a quick note to let you all know that I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth but rather I’m busy taking lots of pictures of and enjoying my new baby girl!  She came a little earlier than expected and caught me a bit off guard – hence the lack of posts here.  Anyways, I promise to get back into the swing of regular posting very soon and I’ve lots of new and exciting plans for the summer and fall including more online classes.

If there’s anything in particular you’d like to learn about I’d love to hear it so comment below or feel free to email me directly ingrid[at]  Watch this space for course sign-up details very soon!

Happy Snapping!