Catch ’em while you can…

Since becoming the mom of two gorgeous girls I’ve actually been finding myself taking less pictures instead of more.  Well less with my DSLR anyways and much less than I did of my eldest daughter Sophie. I suppose I had more time on my hands and could spend all day marveling at her little toes, her funny little faces and capturing her every squirm.  I probably took more photos of Sophie in her first week than have done of Mollie in her whole 7 weeks.  I guess that’s what comes with having to run around after a 2 1/2 yr old as well as a newborn.

I’ve heard of this before.  My mother in law (mom to 3 boys) has told me about her first-born’s beautiful baby book, full of pictures and journal entries.  She could tell you everything from  when he had his first smile to how many diapers he went through a day (well almost).  The middle child’s (my husband) book was a little less detailed with less pictures and the youngest’s is merely a shoebox of photos – one of him as an infant, the next his first day at Kindergarten 🙂

I’m not too worried though. Not having a digital camera by my side all the time hasn’t been a problem because I’ve found myself using something I didn’t have when I had Sophie – my iPhone.  Not only do I have facebook to keep me company at the 3am feed, I can listen to my Podcasts while she’s fussing and I have a camera at the ready to capture all those cute smiles and giggles that are just spontaneous.  Put that together with some of the cool  Apps out there and I think I haven’t done too bad.  What do you think?

This was done using Picnik in my web browser.  I’m loving it’s simplicity right now.

And of course I would have missed this in the car:

Cute eh? Sometimes you’re better not to be too contrived.  It doesn’t always matter about the technicalities – just BE in the moment and try to preserve the memory, in whatever way you can.

What spur of the moment pictures have you taken that have ended up being some of your favorites?  Please share them in the comments below.

Happy Snapping

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Sandi - June 21, 2011

Love, love, love your hands picture. How special.

Ingrid Owens - June 21, 2011

Thanks Sandi! Sophie really loves her little sister – they are too cute together. I’m in for trouble in a few years once they start plotting against me 🙂

Stacy - June 22, 2011

The hands picture is so incredibly special. I have missed many photo-ops myself while baby wrangling.

Ingrid Owens - June 22, 2011

Thanks Stacy!

Tom - June 23, 2011

Now the little kids are cute:)

Amy Windsor - July 14, 2011

Such sweet pictures you were able to get. I too never seem to have my digital camera handy when a great photo-op comes up, but thank god for my iPhone!

Ingrid Owens - July 14, 2011

Thanks Amy 🙂

Sandi - July 15, 2011


Richard - July 17, 2011

I usually used my Iphone or Android when ever I have some precious moment with my kids. They really come handy when you don’t have any camera around. The hand griping picture, surely looks great.

Ingrid - August 22, 2011

Thanks Richard 🙂

Gay Wedding Photographer - August 23, 2011

What a cute and adorable picture you have it there. Being a mom is truly a blessing and seeing your kid have his first experience brings tremendous joy to the family.

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I smiled when I saw the first picture you’ve posted because you have a cute little baby while the second picture is what I like more because it is somehow touched my heart. A truly special moments caught on pictures. Great job super mommy!

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