Easy Ways to Better Photography – Introduction

Thank you for subscribing to free updates from Beginners Photography Blog and CameraShy.  I am thrilled to offer you this free mini course “Easy Ways to Take Better Photos with your DSLR” to get you started on the road to better photography.  The information in the course is easy to digest, easy to implement and you should be improving your images in no time.

To prepare yourself for this mini course give yourself a little quiet time to listen and follow along with the slides and have your camera out beside you as you learn. The course consists of 3 short modules delivered in video format which you will receive over the next 3 days.

Click on the video to watch your introduction and pencil in about 10 minutes over the next few days to watch the upcoming videos.

My name is Ingrid Owens and I am your Personal Photography Tutor so should you have any questions feel free to send me an email to ingrid[at]camerashy[dot]info

Looking forward to helping you!

Easy Ways to Better Photos – Introduction