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Glide Strap

Glide Strap

This morning has been transformational!  Yes – my photography experience has been changed forever.  Why you ask?  Well of course, I love my camera. I love taking pictures of my kids on the go – at the park, running around, playing outside, but I HATE my itchy, scratchy, not-fun-to-wear camera strap.  My DSLR is heavy and having it swinging from my neck is just one more thing that makes me feel more like a mule than a mom ( diaper bag, camera bag, purse, toddler, oh yeah and infant in the Ergo.)

Well today I finally opened up a package sent to me by the innovative team at Custom SLR.  These guys make AWESOME stuff to pimp out your camera.  They had sent me a C-loop and a Glide Strap to do try out and review.  Now I know you can get really nice cushy camera straps and camera strap covers that help with the itchy scratchy stuff but the Glide Strap from does so much more than just look cool.  It’s ergonomically designed so that the weight of the camera is evenly distributed over your shoulders and the camera feels like a feather.  It also has a super innovate design so that your camera simply slides up and down the strap – hence the “Glide.”  It sounds strange but trust me – it’s genius. As I was assembling the strap out of the box I was thinking – em…  I don’t see how this is going to work but when I put it on it was a total ah ha moment!  Why didn’t I think of that!

Split Strap

Split Strap

But wait – there’s more!   The best thing about the kit that I received was the C-loop.  This is totally innocent looking little piece of equipment is the key to the ease of use of the strap and what’s revolutionized my photography experience!  If you’ve ever traveled with your camera you are faced with a big dilemma.  For example, when myself and my hubby went to Florence we were really nervous about having the camera on full view around our necks.  It’s so cumbersome and obvious that we’re tourists and I was already trying to watch my pockets and my backpack.  If I put the camera in the camera bag, trying to access it at a moments notice on a busy hot street was not easy. I ended up  carrying it bandeau style which was good but still difficult to access in order to quickly to snap a shot.  Another problem I had was that the lens kept bumping into people as I walked.

C loop


Now the C-Loop changes all of that.  As you can see from the pictures below it simple attaches your camera strap to your camera by screwing into the tripod thread at the bottom of your camera body.  This allows the camera to freely rotate and hangs directly down so no bumping off walls or tourists!  Like I said – such a simple idea which works brilliantly.

So I am transformed.  Some days it’s easy to take pictures and somedays it’s hard.  Make it easier on yourself by getting your gear on and check out the difference that a new way of carrying your camera might make to your photography over at Custom SLR.  I’m off out to get some more shots of these kiddos running around on this glorious Fall day.  Then I might chat to the hubby about a repeat trip to Italy to get all those shots we missed before 😉

Happy Snapping


P.S. Check out other reviews of the Creative SLRs’ Glide Strap and C-loop on Amazon

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Joe kelly - October 17, 2011

Looks a cleaver product is it available in europe ?

Ingrid - October 17, 2011

I’m not sure if it’s being sold in stores but I guess you could buy directly from Amazon.

Andy - October 18, 2011

The split strap on the shoulder is indeed clever! I’m not sure if it’s similar to Q straps, are they?

Ingrid - October 20, 2011

Hi Andy

I’m not really familiar with Q straps but doing a quick Google search they seem similar alright. Can’t vouch for the Q strap though as I’ve never used it.

Scott - October 29, 2011

Got a question about the C-loop on the G-Slide. Since it screws on to the tripod thread, does it have threads in the bottom to still allow a tripod? When I go out to do my nature photos, I am constantly switching between hand-hold and tripod depending on the situation that unfolds (hand hold when walking; tripod for flowers / macro shots, scenery or if I am am staked out in a location). It may be a pain to keep taking it on and off. But I am looking for something other than the neck strap. The neckstrap starts becoming a little bothersome on a long hike.

Ingrid - October 29, 2011

Good question Scott. And you’re right – because the C – loop uses the tripod thread you cannot attach to a tripod. BUT the guys at Custom SLR ae working on this new Multi-tripod attachment plate which might interest you. Check out the video to see if it’s something you could use at http://kck.st/pCyZqw You can also use the Glide Strap without the Cloop and just attach as a regular strap – it’ll still Glides it just doesn’t hang from the bottom.

Anders - December 21, 2011

Sounds like a great product. I will definitely get one.

Plymouth Wedding Photographer Mark Smith - December 26, 2011

I’ve used a selection of these types of strap and would say that they all do a much better job than the standard strap that comes with the cameras and allow me to work all day with no neck problems etc. I would strongly suggest getting out and trying one as suggested by Ingrid, they will change your world!

Photographer Andy Le Gresley - April 22, 2012

These are fantastic products – try them out!

Christy Harper - May 24, 2012

Thanks for the great info, Mahalo 🙂

Adam - June 22, 2012

Another option for this type of strap is http://www.blackrapid.com.
I own one and love it!

Ingrid - June 25, 2012

Must check that one out Adam – Thanks for the suggestion!

Steve - September 11, 2012


Nice blog! Just discovered it.

Thanks for the review of this strap. I just put it on my gift list. I’ve been looking to replace the very uncomfortable neck strap that came with my Canon DSLR. This should do the job well.

Ingrid - September 11, 2012

Thanks Steve!
The straps that come with DSLRs are just awful scratchy things aren’t they? Glad you found us 🙂

Janet Vincent - October 14, 2012


I tried to buy one of these in Singapore and they kept showing me “close to” type things. I ordered one over the internet and it arrived, put it together and changed the way I walk around wih my camera. The camera feels lighter, I often don’t take my bag. I’m left handed and it took a few takes to get it right for me..I was a bit twisted up and back to front to begin with but i’ve got it sussed now. I worried at first about the exposure of my camera to the world but i actually now feel more secure with it. Instead of bouncing around on my front it sits nicely into “my hip area”. I’ve bought a few things for my camera and this is the best investment so far.

to use a tripod you have to totally disconnect the strap and fit it onto the tripod.
I’m a bit fidgety and tend to play with buttons etc. I’ve put a bit of tape around the connection closest to the camera. I could easily be walking along, push the clasp and drop the camera. Most people wouldn’t!!!

Ingrid - October 14, 2012

So glad you got it Janet – that is the biggest Pro as far as I’m concerned – taking your camera with you. Right now I’m looking for a new bag for all my gear but when I’m just out walking about or running after the little ones, this strap is all I need. 🙂

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