5 tips on How to choose photos for Holiday Cards

Holidays are coming… Holidays are coming….

Yes folks it is absolutely that time of year again when you have to think about turkeys, presents, fitting into that cocktail dress and Holiday Cards.  Every year I put off prepping mine to the last minute so this year I’m feeling super ahead of the game as I already have my prints chosen and uploaded to Tiny Prints.  My big dilemma now is trying to figure out which template to choose from as they have SO MANY.  If you are thinking about creating personalized holiday cards this year here are 5 tips to help you choose the right photos to include.

1.  Think of the memorable events that happened this past year. Some will be obvious lke the birth of a new baby or in my family’s case my husband’s graduation (Yay!) but others are less so, like your daughter’s first ballet recital or your son’s first win at soccer.  Thinking of these event will help you figure out what kind of photos you might want to include on your card and whether or not you want a muti-shot layout or something with fewer options.

2. Be traditional.  You could of course decide to go down the traditional route and specifically set out to take or get taken a family portrait or some photos of the kids.  If this is your style, think about how you can change it up a little from last year, varying the style of clothing from dressy to causal or the scene from formal to an everyday type of thing. Nobody wants to see the same set up as last year with just a change of clothes.

3. Look for close ups.  If you decide to do several images on one template, choose images that are cropped fairly close up of your subect.  This will add a more prfoessional look to your finished card.  Tip: you don’t even have to get the whole face in!

4. Think candidly.  Some of the cutest poses are those that aren’t . Posed that is.  Pick fun photos that show your family’s personality to have a really stand out, memorable card.

5. Match the template to your photos.  Try to coordinate the colors in the photos with the colors in your chosen template.  This should be no problem if you use somewhere such as tiny prints as they have such a huge choice to choose from.  This again will mean that your end product will look a lot more polished and finished and will stand out on your family and friends mantel this holiday season.

Happy snapping


P.S. If you have yet to try Tiny Prints now is a great time to log on and check them out.  Use the coupon code FS2012 at checkout to get free shipping until the end of the year!

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