Top 5 DSLR Bags for Women

December 12, 2015

5 of the Best camera bags for Women 5 of the Best camera bags for Women Owning a DSLR is a bit like having a baby.  Well not having a baby exactly but being responsible for it.  Like a baby your DSLR usually goes everywhere with you – to the park, the zoo, family functions, Christmas parties etc. etc.  It also is of considerable weight and comes with a variety of accessories lenses, filters, memory cards as opposed to diapers, toys and snacks.  And like a baby you have to be very careful with it.  It must be protected against knocks and falls and all accidental bumps and boo boos.

So if you are a mommy and are already toting around a 1 year old and hate to miss any of those special moments, you also need to take the big DSLR around with you too.  As you might know I have two little girls and I love to take pictures so I do a fair amount of lugging!  So when I recently got a new DSLR even bigger than the last I set out on a mission to find the perfect bag to accomodate my camera and make it easier to take along on more outings.

What I wanted was different to my other camera bags.  I already have the massive camera bag that can hold 2 bodies and 2 lenses, the laptop etc.  This time I was searching for an every day bag which main job is to keep the camera safe and protected but it also  needed to look cute and not necessarily like a “camera bag”.  I did a lot of investigating and got a lot of feedback from you guys and here is a round up of some of the bags that I really liked and my top 5 DSLR bags for women.

Shoot sac – Tote and Shoot

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The Tote and Shoot was a very strong contender for my bag of choice.  I love the clean design of these bags and they seem practical without being boring.  They also have a very unique pocket that lets you access your camera without having to go into the main compartment which I really like.  These bags really seem to be in high demand as they have just recently become available again and now come with a messenger strap which I think I would definitely need.  The have pretty colors too that are spunky enough to add a little spice to your wardrobe without being over the top.  You can find out more here on their website.


When I asked the crowd on Facebook which was their favorite camera bags the Ephanie range seemed to be the favorite.  These bags are totally unlike a traditional camera bag and have been designed with the modern lady in mind looking like a high end designer purse.  They have such a fab range of colors and styles there is bound to be one to suit you.  In fact you might find yourself needing several, depending on what outfit you are wearing!  Epiphanie bags are available through Amazon or on the Epiphanie website


Kelly Moore 

The Kelly Moore bags have also been designed to look like fashionable purses but with lots of padding inside.  Kelly is a photographer and was frustrated with the lack of choice out there for woman photographers.  Her camera bags rrange from huge full kit travel bags such as the Libby to the more compact 2 Sues which I personally LOVE.  Kelly Moore are also available on Amazon or check out Kelly’s website for lots of videos demonstrating her products.


These bags have been around for a while and although they are differnt to the traditional camera bags ie black canvas with a lot of velcro, they are more traditional in design than some of the bright colors of the Ephanie and Kelly Moore Bags.  They are also very reasonably priced which would make them an affordable gift.  Free shipping available from Amazon


These bags are the winners as far as I’m concerned.  I LOVE  the 3Annnies range of bags which are stylish purses in their own right AND they are made from real leather.  The colors are absolutely stunning and the designs are to die for.  World renowned photographer Sue Bryce is a big fan of these bags and since they are currently a little out of budget for me I’ve asked Santa for one.  You can buy them from the 3Annies Facebook page here



Ok, Ok – I know I said the Top 5 Bags, but I’ve just recently found out about another beautiful camera bag called the Nadine from The Nadine promises to be everything I personally ever wanted in a camera bag as it also fits a laptop as well as a camera and for those of you who are still toting around babies, the laptop sleeve even doubles as a baby changing mat. An ingenious idea! The super awesome people at ADC Bags are sending me a Nadine in the New Year so I can do a thorough review for you then. I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes!

So Santa – I promise I’ve been nice and you know a girl can never have enough shoes or handbags!

What kind of bag do you use?  Are you happy with it?  Let me know in the comments below!




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Thanks for this post Ingrid…I’ve been looking for a new camera bag but none I’ve come across look as good as these. I just included a link to this page from my new links page. Will visit and learn from your website again. Paulina:-)


I also love the camera baskets you can remove and put into any bag. Jo Totes are also beautiful.


I love that womens camera bags are so pretty now! I ended up going with Lilah Snow ( which is another real leather Australian brand – have you seen them? It has a removable ‘box’ like the 3 Annies, and the panels can be attached anywhere like the Kelly Moore’s so I thought that was a win all round! Which one did you end up with?


I ended up making my own Emma! My aunt gave me a beautiful tan leather bag which was just the right size so I got to work and sewed myself an insert box thingy – velcro dividers and all!. It’s perfect for me right now with just the right amount of pockets and stuff. Oh and the best thing about it is that it has a long crossbody strap so I can wear it while shooting too. Need to check out Lilah Snow though – hadn’t heard of her!


One of these would suit my new camera thanks

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