Take 52 Weekly Photo Challenge

Want to bring your Photography to the next level?

Join us in the Camerashy Take52 Weekly Photography Challenge Community!

Get your photography questions answered, get constructive feedback on your work and watch as your skills improve weekly with lots and lots of practice.
If you have never taken part in a weekly photography challenge let me explain a little bit about how it works.

    • Sign up to the Challenge  to receive an email each Monday from me with that week’s theme.
    • When you sign up you will also receive a link which will direct you to the #Take52 Facebook group.  You will have to request to join and then I will approve your request (unless your a robot or a spammer – then’ll I’ll just ban you.)
    • The Facebook group is where we will share our weekly images and comment and encourage each other with our photography.
    • I encourage you to take some time to think about the week’s theme and then off you go to capture an image which relates to that theme –  therein lies the Challenge part!
    • When your happy with your image, upload and share your image to the Facebook group stating the Theme: Title of your image, Image stats, if you know them (Shutter Speed, Aperture and ISO) and one or two lines about the thought process behind your shot. This will help you get to know this stuff and others learn from your technique. (If you don’t know where to find your image information look for EXIF data in your editing program)
    • The objective of this Challenge is to help you improve your photography by actually PRACTICING photography.  It really doesn’t matter if you miss a week and have to play catch up as long as you are shooting, improving and learning a little too.
    • Please be kind to each other in the group – so far this group has been extremely supportive of one another and lets keep it that way.  No one in the group knows it all and this challenge is designed for people seeking to improve their skill, not experts.  If you think lens size, camera type or number of pixels are the most important thing, then you might want to join a different group.
        • Weekly Themes for the Take 52 Weekly Photo Challenge will be listed here so that you can catch up if you missed a week.
        • Sign up for the #Take52 Challenge here to get access to the Facebook group and receive each theme each week in your inbox.


Take 52 Challenge for 2015

Week 1: Beginning

Week 2: Local

Week 3: Entrance

Week 4: Glass

Week 5: Against

Week 6: Kiss

Week 7: Round

Week 8: Awake

Week 9: Market

Week 10: Backward

Week 11: Green

Week 12: Event

Week 13: Silly

Week14: Blossom

Week 15: Endless

Week 16: Wet

Week 17: Spin

Week 18: Path


Past 2014 Themes for those still playing catch-up

Week 1: Revitalize

Week 2: Crisp

Week 3: Routine

Week 4: Creamy

Week 5: Eyes

Week 6: Ancient

Week 7: Cherish

Week 8: Blue

Week 9: Roots

Week 10: Angle

Week 11: Unlucky

Week 12: Score

Week 13: Delicate

Week 14: Peephole

Week 15: Classic

Week 16: Formless

Week 17: Markings

Week 18: Down

Week 19: Pure

Week 20: Random

Week 21: Flash

Week 22: Inspired

Week 23: Selfie

Week 24: 5 O’Clock

Week 25: Bendy

Week 26: Artificial

Week 27: Trio

Week 28: Water

Week 29: Bright

Week 30: Drive

Week 31: Clear

Week 32: High

Week 33: Affection

Week 34: Tricky

Week 35: Unexpected

Week 36: Crushed

Week 37: Slight

Week 38: Shine

Week 39: Fashionable

Week 40: Hurt

Week 41: Cultivate

Week 42: Animal

Week 43: Happy

Week 44: Victory

Week 45: Fuzzy

Week 46: Mud

Week 47: Fleeting

Week 48: Family

Week 49: Again

Week 50: Touch

Week 51: Warmth

Week 52: Complete