Meet Ingrid

Ingrid Owens, owner of CameraShyHey there! Thanks for stopping by.  I’m Ingrid and I’m a business coach, marketing strategist for creative entrepreneurs. I’ve been an entrepreneur for 10 years having had a variety of successful businesses including a local business, e-commerce, a blog and online courses.

My passion has always been business since been involved in the family photography store from the age of 14 and I especially love marketing and entrepreneurship which I read at Trinity College, Dublin.

After a brief flirtation with finance post-college (zzzz) and in corporate America when I first moved here to the US (zzz x 10), I made the leap back into entrepreneurship with my business CameraShy.  Now my love for photography and love of marketing blend perfectly together as I get to help and coach creatives just starting out on their creative entrepreneurial path.

Some random nonsense I felt called to share….

1. I am obsessed with cameras and photography and it bugs me that so many people have these awesome pieces of equipment and they don’t know how to use them.

2. I’m a bit of a gleek and I just love messing around with technology, my range of Apple products and of course my Canon gear.

3. If it weren’t for working alongside my dad I wouldn’t have such an awesome relationship with one of the coolest guys around or have been inspired and encouraged to be an entrepreneur.

4. That little shop taught me everything I know about business and marketing – the 4 years of university was just a rehash.  (That plus about 60 million hours of chatting to my coach/sister/bestie)

5. One day when I was working behind the counter a fine young American man who was spending the summer in Ireland, walked in with a camera he didn’t know how to work. 13 years and 2 little girls later, here I am, living on the other side of the ocean.



If you’re thinking about dipping your toe into the entrepreneurial world with your photography skills or any other creative endeavor and would like some support around how to market and grow your business I’d love to invite you to a complimentary Clarity Call where we can see where you are getting stuck with your marketing and figure out what path you need to be on to launch your Creative Business.

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Hope we get to chat soon!